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Welcome to your “Team Bread & Porridge”– 12 Team Members here to serve you every Tuesday through Sunday, except for Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day & Christmas. Team Members rotate their job responsibilities often. We value individual learning and growth, so there are no “specialists” to be found at Bread & Porridge– the Team Member who took your to-go order last week could have been your waiter yesterday and he may be cooking for you this morning.
All our employee Team Members– dishwashers, busboys, servers, cashiers and cooks– share the pooled customers’ tips equally and have the same job description: “Team Member – Bread & Porridge”.



In an industry with an average employee retention term of less than a year, virtually all Team Members have been at Bread & Porridge for more than seven years and most since we opened in 1994. And while we are not “specialists”, we are “perfectionists”, so let us know how we can improve.

Your suggestions and comments over the years have provided valuable information that has allowed us to improve and we believe that there is always room for improvement.



I’m Mark Rothschild and I am the proud owner of Bread & Porridge. It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you since we opened in 1994.

I hope that Bread & Porridge will continue to be as much fun for you, our customer, as it is for me.

Your suggestions, comments and even complaints over the years have helped us improve and grow. We value you as a customer and appreciate your involvement. I always think of Bread & Porridge as a “work in progress”, but whatever improvements we may make in the future, you can be assured that the basics will always stay the same.

So on behalf of myself, and Team Bread & Porridge, I want to thank you for making these years rewarding and enjoyable for us all. We continue to look forward to serving our friends and customers in the years to come.

Let me know how we can make your dining experience even more enjoyable. Email your comments to [email protected]. Email is reviewed daily.



Bread & Porridge
2315 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90403

(310) 453-4941

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