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Is Breakfast Your favorite meal?
At Bread & Porridge we take pancakes, omelets, and waffles seriously.

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OurBlueberry Pancakes

Our blueberry pancakes are filled to the max with fresh blueberries! Our strawberry pancakes are crammed with fresh ripe strawberries, and our chocolate chip pancakes are loaded with soft sweet chocolate chips.



Waffles are always a breakfast favorite! We serve up waffles at Bread & Porridge with your favorite toppings like Nutella and fresh strawberries.



We serve a dozen different kinds of omelets, as well as other breakfast egg dishes such as eggs Benedict, huevos rancheros, as well as egg scrambles — always made with fresh California Certified Organic eggs.

One of our unique breakfast scrambles is the Sweet Pepper Scramble which we prepare with two farm fresh organic eggs and fire-roasted, marinated red peppers. We then toss the scramble with low-fat feta cheese. All our omelets and scrambles are made with only premium natural ingredients.



What would the breakfast table be like with without an expertly crafted cappuccino, latte or French coffee press? We oblige with locally micro-roasted Arabica coffee that is roasted dark and brewed up strong.


OurLunch Menu is Epic!

Our lunch menu spans the globe from Santa Fe Grilled Chicken Salad (pictured), to Chinese Chicken Salad and Burgundian inspired Beef Stew with many stopovers in between.
The best burger this side of the Rockies and hot crisp Kennebec French Fries are big favorites.
Words fail to convey the awesomeness of our food. See here for some tempting food porn.